Mommy's Favorite Things: Jon is starting Nutrisystem!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jon is starting Nutrisystem!

I am very happy to announce that Jon is starting Nutrisystem!!!! It should arrive today and he's super excited about this opportunity. As am I.

He struggles with weight loss. By a BMI calculator and based on his height he's about 100 pounds overweight, however, from being in the military he has a lot of muscle mass on him and both he personal trainer and himeself feel that 65 pounds is a pretty decent amount of weight loss for him to be healthy.

Jon has struggled as being a disabled veteran. He can't work out all that often. He sees a personal trainer, but he was only going once a week, it's not enough work out time for adequate weight loss. He was too tired to go more than once. He has Sleep Apnea and borderline high cholesterol. It was high at one point, but the last 2-3 times it's been checked it's been normal. But it was dangerously almost deathly high at one point. They said if he couldn't get it down in 6 months they would give him pills.

At that point we cut red meat out of our diets completely as it's a very cholesterol high food. And we started implementing healthier options. It has kept his cholesterol in check but he hasn't really lost weight (he has lost 13 pounds this past year, without really trying). But he knows it's time to make a difference.

He's not healthy and he knows weight loss is a huge part of this!

So thank you to the Nutristystem Blogger Nation Jon is starting! THIS WEEKEND too!! He will be on the program for 4 months and I think he could easily lose 50 pounds in those 4 months.
I will be doing weekly updates with how he's doing and this should be a very fun experience for us. We really hope it works.
AND it will cut our grcoery bill down a bit and allow me to stock our freezer with more food for when baby comes!
*Disclaimer* I received This Program directly from Nutrisystem in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Nutrisystem for allowing me to review this product
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