Mommy's Favorite Things: Atlanta Georgia

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Atlanta Georgia

Some of you didn't know, but I didn't want to put it here because of certain people who read my blog.

So... We're in Atlanta. I flew for the first time yesterday morning. It was a weird, exciting and anxious experience for me, but overall it was good.

We had to wake up REALLY early to catch our 9:55AM flight (airport is an hour away) so we didn't really have time to eat since we wanted to sleep in. We were going to get breakfast at the airport, but they were boarding as soon as we went through security (at 9:30). So we didn't.

Before the plane even left the terminal I made myself feel sick. Anxiety, nervous and excitement all went through my body at the same time and I felt sick. My face got really hot, it was CRAZY.

Taking off was... interesting. It was cool though. And landing was GREAT actually. Barely even felt it.
But luckily Detroit to Atlanta is only 1 hour and 20 minute flight!! It was about 2 hours total from boarding on to board off, but I thought that was great.

We are here in Atlanta and I am no longer a flying virgin. It's great here though.
Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters are right across the street so that was lunch and dinner last night! So much fun. There's tons of restaurants.

Oh, Avery is with Grandma for the ENTIRE week and Jon is here for work! So most of the week I'll be in the hotel by myself and just chilling out.

The view from our Hotel Room during the day and at night

We leave Friday afternoon. Flight is at 2:40 so we don't have to wake up extra early or that. Especially since the airport is only 15-20 minutes away from here, NOT an hour!