Mommy's Favorite Things: Some Things I've Made for Baby AND 16 Weeks Update!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Things I've Made for Baby AND 16 Weeks Update!

I'm assuming this baby is a boy, but I thought this was all pretty unisex. At least I would put them on a girl!!
I got 5 pair of legwarmers done
The 2 on the left are between a newborn and a regular size
And the 3 on the right are a newborn size.
 2 pair of baby fleece pants. Pair on left is a 3-6 and pair on right is a 0-3. I have another 0-3 cut out and ready to go, but not sewn yet.
As soon as I find out what I'm having, I'm going to buy some more fleece and make more pants. They're cheap, warm for a winter baby and are a great protectant to leaky diapers!! 
I have some aqua fleece I could do for either gender to use and I have 2 girl prints, so if this babe is a girl then I'm all set on fleece. 
And if it's a girl I'll get some girly women's socks as well so I can make some legwarmers! 
Just some things I'm making to get ready for baby!

I want to make some of these too. So I'll have to get some knits once I know the gender! 
I find out on August 3rd!!!!
16 weeks was on Tuesday. That evening I felt my first definitive movement!!!! So excited! Been feeling it twice daily since then. Morning and night!
 My stomach Eczema flared up AGAIN!!!


Molly W. (@mommylovespark) said...

You are so talented and way cute! How hard was it to make the pants? I'd love to give it a whirl.

Heather S said...

They're super easy actually!!!
This is the best tutorial

But I just hem the bottom because I use fleece or knit not t-shirts.

Heather S said...

Oh and I cut on the fold of the fleece too, so I only have to make 2 cuts, one for each leg!

Ashley S said...

Those legwarmers are just too cute! Wish I knew how to sew, hehe

Jessi Gonzalez said...

WOW! You did a great job girl! Those pants look like they just came off the Carters hanger!lol
You have such a cute baby bump!
~Jessi G.

I am going to check out that tutorial....I want to make my girls some fleece pants now! :)

Heather S said...

Thanks Jessi!!
I can give some detailed info if you need it on how I do them from scratch.
You can also use knit and you can do shorts as well for summer!!
Just shoot me an email (contact me) if you want more detailed instructions!

Sadie said...

Very cute little projects. :) I'm proud of you! lol. Cute little tummy too!

Jenn said...

You are very creative! I love the leg warmers!!!!! Totally gender neutral. I would put any of those on a girl as well. Your baby bump is super cute too! :)

Dee said...

Those are great and you look fantastic! Where did you get the belly stickers?

Trainwreck said...

Adorable! I made my son a bunch of fleece pants when I was cloth diapering. I was just thinking I need to make some for this winter because they are so cute!

Ashley Rae said...

OMGosh!! Those leg warmers are so cute! I would love to see a how-to on how to make them! :)

Heather S said...

Thanks Everyone.
Dee, they are from Picky Sticky
Ashley Rae, here you go!!

Janice said...

Wow! Awesome job!

Celebrating Family

M.J. said...

Awesome, your so talented. Wish I could do things like that!