Mommy's Favorite Things: Santa!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So last Sunday I was at the mall and saw Santa was already there... Apparently he came in on the 13th. He was ALWAYS there the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I remember it clearly. They are rushing Christmas this year.
Well we were there Sunday and there was 1 person on his lap and nobody else in line, so I thought, we'll come this week and they won't be as busy.

We put our tree up yesterday. SEE

Then this morning I thought, let's go see Santa. So we did. 

The line wasn't bad at all. He was just on his lunch feeding reindeer break so there were about 20 people in line. Just enough to fill the ramp. About 20 minutes after getting there Avery was on his lap.

I was so surprised. Last year she was TERRIFIED of Santa, Wouldn't even go near him, so she was a bit braver this year. She wasn't so sure, but she didn't cry.

 I told you she was wearing that outfit and bow this week to see Santa!!! hehe

I took the pictures myself because I REFUSE to pay $25 for 2 5X7s!!!! SERIOUSLY!  She was nervous, but she told him she wants Books (that's all she wants YAY) and Santa "LIKES MY PANTS" Says Avery.

After that, I got this ADORABLE picture with their setup
So that was our day!
Then we went to lunch at Panera Bread. And JCPenney. I spent $86 but I saved $140!! YAY ME!

Have you seen Santa yet? Get there now before the lines get ridiculously long.