Mommy's Favorite Things: Black Friday

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

The only place I go on Black Friday is CVS at midnight. We have a 24 hour store so the deals start at 12. I love it. We have one just a mile away. I leave at 20 to. Get all my stuff (which is usually on an end cap) and get out. I need to do 2 transactions tonight.
I'm going in with $39 in ECB (Extra Care Bucks) and will be spending around $1 on all the free stuff. Then walking out with around $50. So I'll be making about $10. I have a CVS gift card with $7 something on it so that will pay for my transactions. I'm so excited. I'll show pictures when I get home.

Toys R Us opened at 10PM (few minutes ago) but Avery is all set for Christmas, so I'm not going.

Do you do Black Friday? I for sure don't... It's not worth the trouble for me. If I need something that badly, I'll go at like 10-11AM, I'm not waiting in lines or waking up at 4AM I'm a night person not an early bird. So Black Friday is not for me.


M said...

We went to wal-mart and k-mart. Not very exciting places, but we were able to get some great deals. We didnt start until 9am lol