Mommy's Favorite Things: Vacation!

Friday, August 27, 2010


We are taking a much needed vacation. I'm not sure how much a vacation it will be since we will have both dogs.
I am not bragging here, I'm stating this for a visual purpose: 3 of us, 2 dogs (one being a St. Bernard), 2 dog cages (one for a Bernard), I'm going to try and cram all of our clothes in one huge duffel bag, Avery's playpen, about 6 lbs of dog food, dog dishes, dog leashes and chains, ALL THIS in a Buick Lacrosse!!! YES for real! For a better visual
 YEP all of this in that for a 2 1/2 hour drive.Now the trunk is big, and I figure if I can lay the seat down (except where Avery sits) Bella can half lay in the trunk and hopefully her cage broken down will fit back there. Boog will probably be in the front seat with Jon because otherwise the dogs will fight.

To board the dogs for the whole LABOR DAY WEEKEND would be about $200. We're not doing that. 

So WHERE are we going? Gladwin. My grandma lives there and we only get to see her a few times a year. Usually Avery's birthday, Thanksgiving and we try and get up once in the summer. She goes to Florida December through April so it's hard to see her then. 

Avery's excited to see Grammy. Me? I'm dreading the drive with all of that in the car. 

We would take the truck (not really a truck Explorer Sport Trac) because it has a little more room in the back for all of our stuff, but we don't have a cap on it so if it were to rain evertyhing would be soaked. If we can't get everything loaded in the car then I'll wrap our luggage in a garbage bag and put it in the truck.

Oh and the worst part? My grandma HATES dogs so they'll be sleeping in her barn across the street, if they sleep in the garage they'll bark all night. And will be chained up in the yard during the day, which last year Boog broke his collar. Some of you may remember that's when we went into town and bought a new one and came home with a Boston Terrier? I miss him dearly. Can't believe that was a whole year ago!

So we will be leaving Friday afternoon and will be coming home Monday afternoon. Look for giveaways to close down on Monday night/Tuesday morning.


Katie S said...

I have a Buick Lacrosse too! Love it! Hope you had fun!