Mommy's Favorite Things: Our New Living Room!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our New Living Room!

So we have been busy with remodeling lately. We have lived in this house over 2 years. Originally we thought it would be really temporary, but we've decided to stay here at least a couple more years, so for now we're making it our own.

This is the before of our living room. I'm not sure I have any of the whole thing, but just picture a HUGE white room. Then we had a table in the corner with all of our equipment on it and a projector hanging in the corner.
Ok so this is when we moved in. Nothing special at all. Furniture has been rearranged probably 10 times since then. 
Here is the DURING OMG I'm so embarrassed to post these. In our defense, we weren't just painting. Jon was moving the projector, building the shelf in the corner, figuring where everything was going, replacing the outlets etc. So the painting was me, but EVERYTHING had to be out of the room and a LOT of tools were used
Here is most way through cleanup process. Just have the counter to clean really. And put away vacuum and step stool. Other than that we're just about done. Jon has to hang the front speakers and hide the cables. Then we're done! OH and YES we got chair and sofa slipcovers!!! So happy with them
And here is our living room! Green and beige. I LOVE it
My BEAUTIFUL vinyl. My FIRST win ever. It's from Wonderfully Wordy and you can find it on that page
Not sure if we're hiding these cables or not. I don't think so... But we will be hiding the ones from the front speakers
And my poster that used to hang above the couch, but I have to find room for it now... Kind of bummed as it was PREFECT over the couch! I LOVE this poster
Above our Bedroom door! This is  a puzzle we did
Those are the cables that need hiding. So I'm happy with my new living room and very happy it's finally done. It took 3 whole days to do!! BLAH. 

What do you think of the new room? NEXT? Laundry room, but that's just paint and a vinyl to add.

Also Above the Bookshelf/Mantel there we are painting it the same blue that's in our kitchen and dining and entry way... It will make it stand out and will look good. I THINK!!
It's this color