Mommy's Favorite Things: I made Fruit Leather today

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I made Fruit Leather today

YUM It's good.
It's real easy to make. More simple than I thought. How much fruit do you buy that never gets eaten because it goes bad? Well with this recipe you can use ANY fruit that's overripe and nobody wants to eat anymore.
I had some bananas that were overripe, so I decided to make some fruit leather today.

Take your fruit (Strawberry banana and Strawberry Banana Grape for me) put in blender, add some water (or juice) and some sugar or honey (OPTIONAL) Puree it until it's thin and watery.

Put plastic wrap over a cookie sheet. Make sure it completely covers the sheet. Pour your mixture onto the plastic wrap. Put over on about 150 F and bake until you can press in the middle of the fruit and it doesn't leave an indentation. Noting it's done.

My thinner one took about 8.5 hours and my other one was much thicker. It's been in there 10 hours and still cooking. You can't turn the temp up much higher because it will bake and the plastic wrap will melt. I had mine up to 200 for an hour, but the plastic wrap melted along the sides. Not an issue as it didn't stick to the leather.

It's so good though and easy. Another recipe I read said to set it outside for like a week? In my opinion this doesn't sound fun or appetizing. Wouldn't there be lots of bugs?

So although this is an ALL DAY recipe. It's super fun! and EASY


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