Mommy's Favorite Things: MakeFail Proof Scented Playdough

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MakeFail Proof Scented Playdough

I tried to follow the How To Here. But I failed. How you might ask (since it is FAIL PROOF)? Well I used BREAD flour instead. I also didn't use COT because I don't have any, but others said it was fine not too. It was too sticky and wasn't getting less sticky no matter how long I cooked it for. Guess it was thinking I was making bread not playdough. So next time I get to the store I will buy plain flour and see how that works.

Try it out and let me know! I was going to do Purple, Orange and Green, and I was going to add Vanilla extract, Lavender EO and Peppermint EO