Mommy's Favorite Things: Movie Theater!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Theater!

Today we took Avery to the Movie Theater for the first time ever. I won a ticket a while back so I used that and it was $5 each for Jon and Avery. Plus $12 for a large pop and popcorn (with free refills) It wasn't too expensive. Anyway, we saw Toy Story 3 and Avery loved it!! She was so excited to be at the theater. After a while She ended up in my lap, but she ate half the large popcorn and drank most of the pop. Oh well it's a once in a while thing right?? Not so bad!

Funny thing, We went to the movies on our FIRST DATE 4 years ago TODAY. That's right today is our 4th anniversary and it's funny that we ended up at the SAME MOVIE THEATER on our anniversary!!! Same one. This was coincidental. I wanted to go today for the past 2 weeks and didn't even realize until last week that it was our ann. and then I won the ticket and the closest place to us that was that chain just happened to be our first date! So funny how things work out. 

I loved today and it couldn't have been better...


Rachel C said...

Sounds fun! My oldest is 5, and we haven't taken the kids to a theater yet. It's on our list for this summer :) Toy Story would be a good one!