Mommy's Favorite Things: Today was BUSY!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today was BUSY!

Got up and ate some breakfast, Got Avery up and Changed and fed breakfast. Now the real fun Begins!

Daddy wanted something colorful for his office at work. So Avery painted this for Daddy. She started doing brushstrokes on the side, so I said let's make a border, so I helped her with the Border!
Then we made this one for Mommy to have. We did this together!
All I did was the flower and the sun. She dipped into the blue and did the cloud and I said "Yes, that looks like a cloud, can you do more" So she did. And she also did that funny checker pattern thing on the right!

Then we made crayons, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and RANDOM!
While Making the Crayons we played Half a Game of Memory, Then I took out the Crayons and while they were cooling I reorganized the Craft drawer
Then Avery watched a movie while I showered, Then When I got out We finished our Memory game and played Don't Break The Ice, Ate Lunch, then daddy got home and Avery went down for a nap. She's still sleeping at 7. Must've been a busy day for her too!! 

When She wakes up we're doing dinner and watching a movie together like most nights. Then I have dishes and laundry to do. and some cleaning up... you should see this counter!
We were supposed to make ceramic today and have her paint those in a couple days, but we don't have enough salt!


Lia said...

cool! How do you bake the crayons????what heat and how long??

Heather S said...

I just did 350 for about 5 minutes. Until they're melty and soupy like. Then take them out and let them cool (mine only took about 15 minutes, but they were small) and then pop them out. I had to tap the bottom of the pan with a knife for them to break loose. Also you can put them in the freezer before popping them out for faster cooling time!