Mommy's Favorite Things: June 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I would Love to try This Gro-Baby Cloth Diaper System! It seems amazing! I like the Idea that You can Un-Snap the Liner and Use the Shell Over and Over again. Doesn't it just look great?

I love that it comes with 2 extra liners, a Booster and a soaker pad! Love this system and would love to try one out with Avery.
Here's where you can purchase them

Here they are In Action

Aren't they Just adorable? I Love them and Would love to try them out.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have to Share

Today Avery woke up (Daddy was still sleeping) and I said "Avery today is Happy Daddy's Day" (She can't say Father yet) So when we went in to wake up daddy she said "Happy Daddy's day" He was SO happy to hear her say that and it melted my heart. She keeps randomly going up to him today saying "Happy Daddy's day" It's so cute and heart warming!! She's my doll!

Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's!

Happy Father's day to all the Great daddy's out there today! Just wanted to pop in and say something.
It's also our 3 yr Dating Anniversary today. I don't think we're doing anything though. I wanted to go to the beach or something but Jon's still sleeping and Said he didn't want to do anything and to let him sleep longer. So I'm guessing we're not going anywhere today!

Have fun though, and I'd love to hear where everyone's going and doing for Father's Day this year!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slobby Slob Slob

First off I want to say that Superdumb Supervillian is having a $100 JcPenney Gift Card Giveaway for that Man in your life. Thanks for the Chance Naomi.

My boyfriend, well where do I start? He's always wearing the same t-shirts that his Great grandfather Dinosaur probably wore. They're Holey and Stained. It's getting ridiculous and I'm getting outraged. Unless I find a shirt for under $5 "I don't want it" "It's too expensive" and the like! Well I have bought him some nice t-shirts. Not those plain ones, but striped ones and polos. Unless they're under $5 he doesn't want them. No matter what that's what he says. So instead he walks around the house Like this...

Now I know we just had a baby But that t-shirt turned into sexy man tank is 8 years old... Yep! He won't replace it for anything. He won't let me throw it out either. It's just lingering around here like the smell of bad milk.
This what he wore on his daughter's Birthday party.

Yes this shirt is still being worn 2 years later on his daughter's 2nd birthday party!! WOW!
Thanks for listening. Head on Over to Superdumb Supervillian for your chance to win as well!