Mommy's Favorite Things: Are Your Kid’s Teachers as Highly Trained as You Think?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Are Your Kid’s Teachers as Highly Trained as You Think?

Every parent who sends their child to school has to place their trust in the hands of the little one’s teachers. Yet, do you really know just how highly trained and educated the teachers at your kid’s school are?
It is certainly worrying to think that the person who is in charge of educating your child might not be as well educated as you had imagined. Your first thought might be that there is nothing that you can do about this even if you are worried.
Yet, rather than just leaving it to fate there are a few steps that you can take to see if the teachers are as highly qualified as you would like them to be.  

Can You Find Out the Answer?

Whether you can ask about the qualifications held by the teachers in the school comes down to some different factors. These include where you live and how the school is funded. 
It is definitely worth asking the question of your local authorities if you want to find out more on the subject. The worst that they can say is that they can’t give you access to the information that you ask asking for.
You certainly shouldn’t feel embarrassed about asking this question, as it is something perfectly reasonable that just shows your genuine concern as a parent.
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Do They Meet the Minimum Requirements?

You would certainly expect that any teacher you trust to educate your child will meet the minimum requirements for this highly demanding role. However, what exactly does this mean and what should you be looking out for?
In the US, the exact requirements vary from one state to another. The one thing that each US state has in common is that the teachers in each one need to be licensed to work in this role.
The rules in each state are set by the relevant board of education and can be found online. In general terms, you can expect any teacher to have followed up their Bachelor’s degree with a teacher education program.
In most cases, a new teacher will need to complete a standardized test in order to gain the right to work in this role. It is also sometimes a requirement for them to earn a degree in the subject that they plan to teach. 

The Value of Advanced Degrees

As with any other type of job, there are always going to be people who go the extra mile to learn as much as they can. In the case of teachers, you should look out for valuable additional qualifications such as educational leadership degrees, which show dedication and high levels of education.
If your kid’s teachers hold these useful advanced degrees then this is a fantastic sign that they have studied well in order to become as good as possible at their job. If you see that a teacher has gained this additional qualification then you will feel a lot more relaxed about how well they will teach their students.

The Evidence of Their Hard Work and Professionalism 

Finally, it is also important to understand that the evidence of the teacher’s skills should be very clear from the way that your child learns from them. A good teacher who is highly qualified and experienced should make a powerful and positive impression on their students.
If you notice that your child isn’t progressing in the way that you expect then maybe it is time to find out whether there is an issue with the teacher’s training and qualifications. This isn’t the only potential reason for things going wrong at school but it is definitely something worth investigating.
If you then discover that everything is in order and that the teacher is appropriately trained and qualified then this will put your mind at ease in this respect, while helping you rule out one of the possible issues. It is good to know that your little one is being well looked after by a dedicated professional.

The issue of how highly trained your child’s teacher is can be something of a delicate subject. However, by approaching it in an open and honest way you can clear up any issues and feel a whole lot better about the time your kid spends learning at school. 
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