Mommy's Favorite Things: 5 Things to know About Keeping your Family Safe and Secure

Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Things to know About Keeping your Family Safe and Secure

As just about any mom will tell you, keeping her family safe and secure is at the top of the priority list.
While most families will never have to worry about being the victims of a home invasion, some have found that not to be the case. Whether home at the time or not, even the thought of one or more people breaking into your home can be terrifying.
That said do you feel truly safe in your home? If not, what are you doing about it?
From home security systems to commonsense practices in not tipping off criminals, there are myriad of practices to follow.

Put These Practices to Work
So that you and your family can greatly lessen the odds of falling victim to crime, practice and remember these five tips:
1.     Home security system – If you don’t have a home security system, that is strike one. Finding the best home security system will not only protect your residence, but also provide piece of mind. The best way to shop for such an item is by reviewing a number of systems at the same time. See which one stacks up best against the competition. Make sure you understand any and all contract terms, notably the price. You also want a provider that gives you stellar customer service. This means attention to detail, returning calls promptly etc.
2.     Leaving a trail of information around – While many households invest in shredding important documents, some just figure it takes too much time or is not a big deal. As it turns out, criminals go through garbage cans looking for pertinent personal information. Such details can be bank account or Social Security numbers, travel schedules etc. Once they have these items, they can put their plans in motion. Be sure to shred anything that would even be of remote interest to a criminal, especially one possibly casing your home. To not do so is strike two.
3.     Save online photos and messages for after vacation – One of the biggest mistakes families make is telling the entire world they are going on vacation. In today’s digital age, criminals are no dummies when it comes to the Internet, notably social media. Many criminals check sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, looking for people posting vacation photos and messages. In doing so, they then can focus on those homes (see below).

Protect Your Kids Online
4.     Your kids and the Internet – Speaking of the Internet, do you regularly monitor your children’s online activities? While the older kids may be fine, your younger ones don’t know all of the dangers in the world. As such, criminals can try to lure them into all kinds of dangers online. From finding out where they live to when the family’s big summer trip is, a child giving out such details can prove deadly. Make sure your kids know what is and is not appropriate to do online. You can even consider getting parental online monitors to know what your child is doing on the Internet. If you don’t, you and your family may very well strike out.
5.     Outside appearances matter – Finally, it can be a hassle right before a planned trip to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs etc. It can also be time-consuming to let the post office and/or newspaper to stop delivery while away. Now, how inconvenient would it be for you to come home to a residence that has been invaded? Taking the time before a trip to tidy up the home (especially on the outside) is well worth it. Also consider asking a neighbor to watch your place while you are away. Even when you are home, keeping the lawn and shrubs trimmed, snow shoveled etc. makes potential invaders know someone is around.

Given how much your family means to you, are you doing everything possible to keep them safe around your home?


Maryann D. said...

I feel we can never be too safe and have to take many precautions. I definitely do a lot of shredding and never leave anything with my information on it.
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