Tuesday, October 11, 2016

4 Cosmetics Lines that are Keeping the Environment in Mind

Cosmetics companies used to have a bad reputation for causing environmental damage and overlooking animal cruelty. However, many of today’s cosmetics companies have turned the tables on this old way of doing business. Sustainable, environmentally conscious cosmetics companies work to give you products using recycled ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and no noxious chemicals. Many of the best use sustainability practices in their packaging, shipping, and sourcing. Shop amazing products while supporting companies who care for the environment.

Bath and Body Works

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Some of your favorite lotions, fragrances, and bath products probably come from Bath and Body Works. The parent company of Bath and Body Works, Lbrands, is committed to sustainable practices in many facets of the beauty business. Lbrands has worked to remove paper suppliers that use endangered flora to produce paper.
You won’t find any PVC containers at Bath and Body Works, since Lbrands stopped using the material for Bath and Body Works containers in 2003. The company works with its brands and branches to recycle unused product and to ship sustainably and responsibly, going so far as to design shipping containers that use less material.


Apply your cosmetics with brushes and tools crafted from natural ingredients. EcoTools offers environmentally and socially responsiblecosmetic products that are soft and easy to use and that give you flawless makeup application. Shop EcoTools to support a company that’s 100 percent cruelty-free. The products use recycled aluminum and bamboo, and the reusable packaging comes from “tree-free” paper that is a mix of bamboo and cotton.
Other sustainability efforts include using 100 percent recycled netting in bath products such as loofahs and participating in Earth Month events designed to raise money for nonprofit organizations such as Global Green USA.


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Makeup retailer Sephora is best known for selling some of the most popular makeup brands all in one convenient store. What you may not know about Sephora, however, is the company’s green side. In 2015, Sephora received several awards for its sustainability practices, including Génération Responsable’s Sustainable Brand label.
BecauseSephora offers many brands, knowing how to shop at the big retailer is essential. Try NUDE, a sustainable and responsible brand dedicated to creating makeup and fragrance without harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfides. NUDE products are gluten-free and vegan.


Get cosmetics and hair care from a company that cares about social responsibility and environmental sustainability. More than 85 percent of Aveda’s packaging is made of 100 percent postconsumer recycled material. The company also uses packaging with plant-derived materials.
Aveda's ingredients are what the company calls “naturally derived.” That means that at least 50 percent of each molecule in their formulas comes from water, plants, or non petroleum minerals. Responsibly sourced ingredients from growers that use sustainable practices make up many Aveda products. For 10 years, Aveda has raised awareness and money for clean water around the globe.

Where you spend your money on cosmetics matters. Do your research so that you can choose companies that care about the environment. Natural products, recycled materials, and fewer harsh chemicals are good for the environment — and for your complexion!


Sarah Hayes said...

Its so great that these companies are being so earth friendly. now I know where my business needs to go more.

Renee Smith said...

I had no idea these companies were doing that. I buy often from bath and body and my daughter's use Sephora products. It is good to know that they are putting the environment and customer safety first.