Monday, April 4, 2016

Must Do DIY Project for the Spring Days

Spring is the perfect time to set your mind to creative yet practical projects, from gardening and redecorating to home DIY and car. Be inspired by the longer, sunnier days and try your hand at one of these ideas — you'll have fun along the way and be proud of the results!
Jazz up the kitchen
There are so many little decorative touches that you can do in the kitchen and they can make daily living easier too. Get your hands on a wooden crate or pallet box (head down to the local junk yard), sand it down with a multi-purpose tool sander then varnish and use as a vintage wine rack. You can also use old drawers as storage tubs for your herbs and spices to complete the shabby chic look. Go one step further by drilling an old garden rake onto the wall and using it as a utensil holder — perfect for hanging your spoons, ladles and turners on. Kitchen towels can also get a makeover by adding on a crochet trim or doing a spot of cross stitch on them.

Get in the garden
Make the most out of the good weather and give the garden a good tidy! Take the kitchen into the garden by using colander as hanging flower beds — buy them in an array of colors for a cute look. If you have kids and a bare wall or fence space, consider making your own chalkboard for them. All it requires is some backboard, a frame and some chalkboard paint. Frame the board by cutting up some wood with a chainsaw and drilling the pieces into place. Then the kids can get to being creative. For even more “best-parents-ever-points” you could set to work on a sandpit! Just dig out a space, lay down some plastic sheets and fill up with bags of sand. For evening BBQs and outdoor dinners, it's a lovely idea to hang bell jars with tea lights around the garden.

Make your bedroom brilliant
The bedroom should be your own little haven, so add bags of personality to make it as comfortable as possible. Even the small things, like clothes hangers, can enjoy a creative touch. Get some bandannas and wrap round the hangers, leaving a hole for the hook — it looks quirky and stops clothes from slipping off. You can also give wicker clothes baskets a nice new lining by using your favorite fabrics. To give the room a certain ambiance, screwdrive some driftwood pieces to the wall, glue a wooden piece onto each one in an L-shape using a glue gun then place candles on them. They have a calming, vintage look when lit up at night.
These are just a few of the limitless ideas out there! The smallest change can make the biggest difference, so give it a try and enjoy your new decorative touches.
Images by burstyrrific and Markus Grossalber, used under Creative Commons license