Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Going Green as a Mom

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Sometimes, being a mom can be tough. Scratch that – it’s always tough when you are have personal responsibilities, plus you are in charge one or more children. But you did not sign up for motherhood because you thought it would be easy, but because you wanted to embrace all that life had to offer you.

There is so much abundance on this green earth we call home, and who knows better than a mother the importance of cherishing that and protecting our planet for future generations. The mother instinctively knows that caring for her child means caring for the environment which allows all children and people to survive, and even thrive.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways that you as a mother can set a good example for your child and go green today!

Stop consuming clothes and relax for a minute
In addition to all the crazy running around you do to take your kids to engagements, you still want to keep an active social life and keep up with appearances. That might mean buying new, flashy clothes to make you feel less worn out. A better solution, both for yourself and the environment, is to actually take a pause from all of that buying and just relax. That’s because a shocking amount – almost one billion pounds in textiles that approximately comes to $10 billion in the US alone – goes into landfills each and every month.

Stop contributing to this frenzy and simply take a breather instead of compulsively heading to your favourite boutique clothing store. Instead, consider getting your fix, your away time from the kids, by doing something like playing different mobile games thatcan help your mother in you exhale, and take your mind off things.

Eat food made of plants, instead of food that is made in plants
Today, so much of our food is processed. Not only does this mean we are consuming less nutrition than we might otherwise normally, but we are contributing to the industrialisation of the food chain. We are more separated and distant from our food sources than we have ever been at any point in history. Consider teaching your child about where food comes from by cultivating a garden in your home. Or, if you already have one, involve him or her more in at, inviting them to play in the dirt or plant seeds in the spring. You don’t necessarily need a yard either, since you can grow simple herbs indoors.

Reduce your use of plastics
Plastic is pretty much ubiquitous in the home, it seems like these days. That is because it is a genuinely useful material, of course, but the major downside is that they take millennia to decompose, and in the meantime we are just dumping them in landfills, or creating mountains of trash that are visible from space. Promote an ethos of waste-reduction and recycling from a young age by using ceramic goods and other materials that can be reused.


Melissa Storms said...

I try to be as green as I can. It isn't an easy undertaking though when consumable goods are easy to find and purchase.