Monday, December 21, 2015

Best Stocking Stuffers of the Year

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When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers can unintentionally be forgotten. Between the busy season and trying to find those perfect Christmas gifts, it is easy to overlook the small stocking gifts, leaving them until the last minute.

Though it can be difficult to try and find meaningful, fun, and practical stocking stuffers, especially if you have relatives who are particularly difficult to shop for, there are some gifts that you cannot go wrong with, as they are perfect for all the special people in your life.

For the men, women, and kids in your life, here are some of the best stocking stuffers of the year.

For the women in your life, consider purchasing hair extensions they can use for special occasions or in everyday life. Hair extensions are a fun way for women to give their hair more body and fullness, try out a new ombre hair color, and simply have fun doing something new with their hair.

Travel Guide Books
If you know someone is planning to take a trip somewhere in the next few months, purchase a few travel guide books to stick in their stocking. It is a practical gift that is also relatively inexpensive. Plus, if they have not yet had a chance to research their trip, the places and maps inside of the book can help them get a jumpstart on the planning.

Travel Perfume/Cologne
Who doesnt love a good smelling bottle of perfume or cologne? Stockings are the perfect opportunity to stock up, so to speak, your friendss and familys perfume and cologne supply. Travel sized bottles are not only less expensive than large perfumes, they are also handy for any business trips or travel plans they may have in the next year. With the airline limits on liquids, its always nice to have a few mini bottles of perfume and cologne available to take with you in carry-on luggage.

Beanies, Gloves, and Scarves
During the rainy and snowy season, everyone can do with more warm clothing. Beanies, gloves, and scarves are a fun, great gift to give, as they are cheap, practical, and can be purchased in almost any color and material. Or, if you happen to be handy with knitting needles, consider knitting a scarf or hat for everyone. Its a nice way to add a bit of personality to your gifts.

From listening to music to watching movies to even communicating over the phone, most people use their headphone earbuds multiple times a week. With how much use they get, they do not often last long, as they either wear out, get lost, or break. Earbuds are a great gift everyone can use and enjoy throughout the whole year.

While candles tend to be thought of as a female gift, there are plenty of manly candles available men would enjoy burning in their home. Candles are not only pretty, but they also help eliminate house odors, which makes them a sensible gift. While women tend to enjoy more floral and sweet-smelling candles, men tend to prefer woodsy, outdoorsy-smelling candles. Wood wick candles are a great choice as well, for they crackle like a real fire, making them a unique twist on a classic gift.

Jams, Jellies, and Sauces
Some great stocking stuffers are assortments of jams, jellies, and sauces. Gourmet, artisanal foods are not only trendy currently, they are also a great gift for those who love experimenting in the kitchen. From barbecue sauces to marinades to flavored jams, you cant go wrong slipping one or two into a stocking.

Office Supplies
Although this might seem slightly boring, office supplies can actually be a really fun gift. Pads of paper, pens, and paperclips are always something everyone can use, but people rarely remember to buy them for themselves. And, whenever they do remember to buy them, they tend to purchase the cheap, plain items. When purchasing for a stocking, you can get creative, giving them mustache paperclips or fun stationary.

Thank You Cards
Finally, one of the best gifts to get are thank you cards. During the holidays, there are always seems to be a need to send out a little note, and having some handy can make things much easier.

With these stocking stuffers, you can rest assured all the special people in your life will be well cared for.

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