Thursday, October 22, 2015

Significant Illnesses Caused by Indoor Air Pollution In Your Home

Have you noticed that you are only sick while inside of your own home? Do you experience the following symptoms often while inside, but notice that you feel fine outside of your home?

      Watery or itchy eyes
      Sneezing, coughing, or other flu-like symptoms
      Chest tightening or wheezing
      Concentration difficulty
      Allergic reactions

If you answered yes to any of those, you may be experiencing some illness caused by indoor air pollution. It sounds strange, but it is a real thing! For example, a work-at-home-mom in Kansas City, MO spends most of her days inside of her house. She may experience itchy eyes and some sneezing, and thinks it is just from a weather change going on in her area. However, she walks outside and does not experience either of those two symptoms. After getting some fresh air and maybe running a few errands, she returns home and starts feeling sick again. This makes no sense to her! How could she feel so sick inside of her own home yet feel perfectly healthy outside of it?
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Her air quality is polluted and needs to be fixed. When she calls to make an appointment, a few things will happen. Climate Control will perform a home performance assessment.  This includes a blower door test that depressurizes the air in her home and allows the company to determine problematic air infiltration problem spots. They will also use an infrared camera that allows them to see through the walls (cool!) and determine if there is any missing insulation or excessive air-loss. The results are then logged into an analysis software program that will provide a detailed report on where and why her house is losing energy, causing her sick-like symptoms.

This is so important to do, especially if you are experiencing more than one of the above listed symptoms. No one wants to be miserablein their own home! I found this to be especially interesting because I had never heard of this problem before, and never even considered that my indoor air pollution could be the cause of these “allergies” that I only tend to experience indoors rather than outdoors. If you are having these issues, please make an appointment to get a home performance assessment done! Your health is important. Take care of yourself and your family! 


Julie Wood said...

This s the time of year when we close all the windows and start staying in the house more. Maybe that is why I feel like I am sneezing more and my eyes feel more sensitive. I am going to put on my air purifier. That seems to help me! I would like a home assessment though, but I wonder how much they are.

Natalie B. said...

This doesn't happen to me in my home but I have a friend that it happens to. It even starts to happen to me when I visit her home. I don't know what's wrong but something isn't right. I'll have to let them know that there's a service like this available. Thank-you for the interesting & important information. :)