Friday, October 16, 2015

School Event Ideas for Parents

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Are you volunteering or a member of the PTA? Everyone wants a school where the parents are just as invested as the students. Unfortunately, the daily grind often gets parents down and leaves them with little energy for a lot of extras. Schools and parents can do well by planning events that appeal to the whole family. When everyone has a way to participate, your school events become a way for families to connect with each other and other families at the school. Try getting the ball rolling with some of these fun events.

Active Family Events
Kids spend a significant portion of their days sitting at their school desks, and parents are often sitting down at the office. Plan weekend or Friday night events that will get everyone moving. For instance, you might hire a dance teacher to come in and lead everyone in a night of shaking it out or plan an outdoor field day with activities like parent-child three-legged races and water balloon tosses.

Student Presentations
Kids aren’t always forthcoming about the types of things their doing in school, so many parents appreciate being able to come in for student presentations. While science fairs are time-tested favorites, you can consider alternatives, such as a “Good Manners” poster contest or a chance for students to show off their acting skills by reciting favorite monologues.

Brain-Building Events
Families can learn to work together on a variety of projects. For example, you might have a trivia night where each family is its own team. Plan some hard questions for the parents, but a few easy ones for the youngest members of the family. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities are all the rage these days. Challenge families to build something like a bridge or building out of craft supplies and see who can build the strongest one.

Off-Site Outings
School events don’t always have to be at the school. Keep an eye out for local events that families might be interested in. Autumn events at a local farm or a beach clean-up day in the springtime are sure to be hits with everyone. If there’s a fee involved for the event, see if you can negotiate a group price with the company, then pass on those savings to all of the families at your school. Doing off-site events is a great way to get families connected without having to spend money or do planning on your own.

Schools often need money for different activities and parents are tired of hitting up co-workers and relatives to buy things. Instead, why not plan some fundraising events? When you hold a walk-a-thon, for example, people simply pledge money based on how many laps the family walks. You could also plan events like car washes, small festivals and movie nights. The easier it is to plan and do, the more participation you’re likely to get.

Most parents are just sick of the same old routines and need to have you plan events that will shake things up a bit. By thinking outside the box, you’re likely to find ideas that will appeal to a wide range of families at your school.

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