Monday, October 26, 2015

Does your Family use a Humidifier?

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Michigan can get pretty cold during the winter months. As a mother of two young children, keeping their health in check is my top priority. No one likes a sick child, and no child likes feeling sick. Cold weather can cause a list of sick-like symptoms, such as stuffy sinuses, nosebleeds and itchy skin. You can always go and buy some medicine to help alleviate the discomfort that comes with those symptoms, but usually just using a regular humidifier will do the trick. Humidifiers bring moisture back in to the air, something cold weather takes away. We like to keep our humidifiers in our rooms at night when we sleep so we do not wake up with stuffy noses or dry and itchy skin. Humidifiers also keep your nasal passages lubricated so your symptoms or illnesses, such as asthma or a cold, will heal or go away faster.

Another perk about humidifiers is that they also keep your throat from getting too dry, which helps to eliminate major snoring. That’s probably one of the better perks for the wives out there who have snoring husbands!

If you decide to get a humidifier, you must clean it regularly. Like any other product that uses water, mold can form if not cleaned regularly and that mold will be dispersed into the air via the humidifier and you will only become sicker, if you are already battling the winter symptoms. Most humidifiers require a humidifierfilter, which should be changed about every 2 months.

You should definitely do your research on mold, asthma and air pollution and how humidifiers can help with those issues. Remember, you are responsible for your health as well as your family’s health! Let your humidifier do half of the work for you. Your sinuses will thank you!


D Johnson said...

Yes, we do. It's hard to breathe in the winter with the dry air of the heater. It really bothers my sinuses.

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