Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Buy the Perfect Gift

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Choosing the perfect gift sounds like it would be something that everyone could do with ease, but it is not.  It is actually a struggle to be able to pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  I have a close friend who actually finds that they can never find enough gifts.  They look and search everywhere but always feel like they are coming up empty handed.  In honor of this friend I decided to give you my personal gift buying tips so that you can find the perfect gift every single time.

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Gift

Consider an Event Rather Than an Item

One of the things that I have always loved is when I see someone spending time with their loved ones.  Personally I love traveling around to different places and being able to attend events.  Instead of always getting someone items for gifts, you can actually take them to some type of event or experience.  This is going to create lasting memories that they can cherish much longer than any item.
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Look for a Club of Interest

Another great thing to consider is a gift that keeps on giving.  Throughout the holidays everyone seems to get so many gifts that they do not really appreciate them.  When someone opens their mailbox to find a special subscription box during a random month, they are really going to remember your gift and have full appreciation for it.  The best part about this gift is that there is literally something for everyone.  There are subscription boxes for every single thing that I could ever imagine from fashion and beauty to alternative comics and toys.

Consider Their Recent Past

I have always found it easy to find a great gift when I look at what is going on in a person's life.  Someone who has just experienced a new life event would love having a new piece of jewelry to celebrate.  My friend lives in Kansas City and I told her to check out a local
Kansas City jewelry store to see if she could find the perfect mom's ring for her younger sister.  Since her younger sister had just become a mom this gift meant so much to her that she cried which left my friend in tears as she relayed the story to me.

Ask Questions About Their Beliefs and Passions

I also have those friends who have everything that they could ever need or want.  Instead of worrying about trying to find a worthwhile gift for them, I have been donating to a charity.  Now to choose the right charity I have listened to them talk about their beliefs and passions.  This has worked out really well and I have noticed a trend among my friends where others are doing the same thing.

Consider How You Know Them

My final tip is that you want to consider how you know a person.  If you know someone from church it is probably not a good idea to buy them a bottle of wine even if you have read on Facebook that they like wine.  Instead think about how you know them and what environment you will be presenting their gifts in.   Thinking about these facts will help you nail something that is not only perfect for the person receiving it but also appropriate for where they are receiving it.

Of course in today's economy the other struggle with gifts is figuring out how you can afford them.  There are many great things that you can do to save money when trying to find the perfect gift. Three easy things that you can do are to find discount codes, look for sales and specials, and shop around for the best price.