Sunday, May 11, 2014

Muay Thai training sessions in Thailand

If you have heard about Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) you probably know that the best place in the world to start training Muay Thai is in Thailand. After all, this is the place where this amazing combat sport was invented. It is important to understand that Muay Thai training is not much different from training sessions in other sports. What is maybe the most important part before and during these training sessions is to be disciplined and participate in the training sessions regularly. Although this might sound easy, keep in mind that Muay Thai training sessions are very intensive and strict and if you want to get visible results you will need to be persistent. If you choose to take these training sessions in Thailand you will probably take instructions from a professional Muay Thai trainer who was part of many Muay Thai fights. That’s why you must listen to him regardless of the reason why you are there – to lose weight, for recreational purposes or for professional upgrade. 

 No matter what your reason for Muay Thai training is you should know that all these training sessions usually have basic elements and you can notice them in every Muay Thai camp across Thailand. A proper training starts with a good warm up in order to activate the muscles and prepare them for the intense training. The basis of Muay Thai training is to create endurance and that’s why the training sessions usually last for an hour or two and in many cases they are taking place twice a day. A traditional Muay Thai training will help you help you gain physical strength, improve movement range and strengthen your mind.

Different Muay Thai camps have different programs but only few of them have trainers that are skilled enough to work with different categories of students. SuWit Muay Thai in Phuket Island is one of those camps where you can find people from Thailand and from foreign countries too practicing Muay Thai for different reasons. Some of them are excited to learn more about this exciting sport, while others are looking for ways to lose weight and get in shape. There are many students that return to Suwit Muay Thai training camp in order to extend their knowledge about Muay Thai and prepare themselves for professional fights.
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Ashley Suzanne said...

This would be so fun to take!

Michelle Tamasa said...

Being half Thai, everything Thai interests me :). Are you in Thailand or about to visit? It's so sorry it! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and you'll definitely have some culture shock if it's your first time!

Thai boxing and the boxers are pretty highly regarded. If you do start, you'll enjoy yourself !

Hannah R. said...

I'd love to try MT. I have studied Jujitsu and Karate in the past because I could find local trainers. If I'm ever in Thailand...