Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Used is Better!

New, contrary to popular belief, is not automatically and always better. Sure there are some things that you don’t want to buy used. Old or used food, for example, would be a bad idea. Baby equipment like cribs and car seats are best bought new. Tires should always be bought new. For the most part, though, things can be bought used. Used merchandise is often even better than brand new.

Depending on what you really need, a used car is often just as good if not a better purchase than a brand new car. Unless you need something extremely fuel efficient for lots of long road trips, a used car should—if you do your research right—get you around town just fine. In fact, it is possible to buy really great cars that feel like new even though they are used (like those featured at because there are some people who will simply trade in a current model as soon as a new model comes out. You get a barely used car and save thousands of dollars. What a win!

Electronics and Appliances
The lure of a brand new shiny flat screen television set is a hard one to resist. This is something that everybody understands. Television sets, speakers and even computers can be bought used for a fraction of the cost and will often perform just as well as their newer, shinier models. Buying used saves you sometimes hundreds of dollars and is better for the environment.
In terms of appliances, used is often better because older models are sturdier and easier to fix than their newer versions. You can simply replace the parts that need replacing (coils, etc) instead of having to go out and buy an entirely new appliance, which also saves you money over the long term.

Used clothing is a godsend to people on a budget. You buy it in thrift shops, from garage and yard sales, etc for pennies on the dollar. If it fits well you simply wash it really well and then wear it the same way that you would if you had bought it brand new. If it doesn’t fit quite right you can easily alter it so that it does. If you know how to sew, you can also save a ton of money by buying up used clothing and then using the fabric to make something completely new.

House wares
Why spend a bunch of money on a brand new set of dishes or cookware when you can go to a thrift store and find perfectly usable pieces at super cheap prices. You could outfit your entire kitchen for the same price as one brand new set of dishes and cooking pan. Used dishes are also great for art projects and can easily be repurposed into things like planters for flowers, pencil and pen cups, paper weights, decorations, etc. The only limit to their use is your own imagination.
There are lots of different things that are better to buy used. These are just a few of the major areas in which you can save tons of money and get, ultimately, superior results.


Clover Cottage Blog said...

I get most of my kids clothing from a children's thrift shop. They wear name brands and 50% of the time the tage are still on the clothes! Love it...

Erica Giles said...

We always buy our cars used. Never thought about housewares, but that's a great idea! Kitchen appliances and tools are so expensive!

Being Tazim said...

There are definitely things that I try to get used for sure.