Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why do we have Nightmares?

I had a nightmare last night. 
When I woke up my heart was pounding and I could feel the adrenaline running through my body. 

I do not wish this type of nightmare on anyone, even my worst enemy. I wish nobody ever experiences what I had a nightmare about last night. 
It was about one of my children and I couldn't wake up from it until it was over. I wish I could unsee what I did in that dream last night. 

So why do we nightmare? I have no idea at all really. It was just terrible, terrible, terrible! I can't even remember my last nightmare and I know it wasn't about one of my children. 
This was a very graphic nightmare and I wish I could go back to sleep last night and dream it all away!

Do you have nightmares? How often?


Ashley said...

Ugh! Nightmares are the worst! I hate the ones where you are being chased or fall and you can literally feel your body dropping. I wonder why the subconscious thinks of these things?

Emily said...

I don' t have nightmares, but I have such vivid dreams that sometimes I can't tell if they were real or not!

Ana Davidson said...

It's rare when I don't have a nightmare. Hubby says they are very interesting. I savor my normal dreams. Like when I dreamt Clark Kent was my boyfriend. Lol

becca said...

I don't think i have ever had a nightmare

Heather M said...

Never? Oh you're lucky Becca!
Ana, lol! That's funny, but a good one for sure!

dailymom said...

I had a nightmare last night as well, but thankfully not about either of my children. I have read that if your body gets too hot that you have nightmares, and I have found that to be true for every time I have had one that I can remember I have woke up over heated and sweating.