Monday, January 21, 2013

Top Time Saving Tips for Busy Professionals

As a nation we’re working longer and harder to ensure that we get ahead. With unemployment and redundancy rife, and working hours and wages being cut, it’s natural that we’re striving to put our best foot forward in the work place.

The good news is that hard work usually pays off in the end. Whether you’re working to give yourself the best possible job security, or are aiming for an eventual promotion, getting yourself noticed for all the right reasons is a wise career move. However, working long and hard to get ahead can leave little time for anything else.

Social lives, relaxation time and catching up on the household chores can all fall by the wayside when working long hours at work. It’s vital for overall health and enjoyment of life however to try to maintain a reasonable work life balance.
Streamline your life as much as possible by following these tips, and use the time saved to refresh and recharge ready for the busy working week ahead:

Do Your Shopping Online
Online grocery shopping can save so much time, as it’s quick and easy to do and you can have your shopping delivered directly to your door.
Shop online whenever and wherever is convenient to you. An online supermarket is open 24/7 and you can even do your shopping on the go with the handy new ASDA app for iPhone or Android.
The favourites function means that you can do your usual shop in mere minutes. And even if you’re new to online shopping you can input details from your in-store receipt to your favourites easily.

If you’re struggling to keep on top of all that you need to get done in the home, have a think about where you can delegate tasks out. Whether you have a partner, a housemate, children or live with family members, make sure that each person in the household is pulling their weight.

Busy households may find that employing the services of a cleaner, gardener or handyman can take some of the pressure off. This can be surprisingly affordable, particularly if you share the cost with housemates. Hiring a cleaner for a couple of hours a week should cost around £20 and can be enough to keep the basics covered and things ticking over nicely.

Likewise, if you’re constantly berating yourself for not having time to get out in the garden or put up those shelves, hiring the services of a professional for an hour or two can lift that weight from your mind without breaking the bank.

Get Organized
If you can’t afford to, or would prefer not to, employ outside help, getting as organised as possible can streamline the amount of time that you need to spend keeping on top of the household essentials. Try the Flylady website for inspiration and motivation, as well as helpful organisation tools for a little and often approach.

By taking steps to cut the time you spend on chores, you’ll free up your precious moments of free time for relaxation or socialising with friends. After all, while it’s understandable that you want to knuckle down at work in the current climate, all work and no play really does make for a very dull existence.