Friday, January 18, 2013

Resolution for the Year!

As the new year begins, so can a new chapter of your life. Here is a chance to better yourself. No matter what you did or didn’t do last year, you can fix it and make this year better. This can be the year that you can change the lives of both yourself and others. No matter how big or small your acts of kindness, they will not go unnoticed.

Sending Flowers at the Office 
Everyone likes to know that is someone is thinking of them. It is a way to make them feel special, even for a moment. When working in an office, many big life events can go unnoticed. There are many different things that your coworkers may be dealing with in their personal lives. Some may be experiencing exciting news such as a promotion or a new addition to their family, while others may be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Sending flowers can be great way to say “ Congratulations” or “ I am sorry for your loss". Places like Pro Plants make this even easier on you by doing most of the work for you.

Mowing the Neighbor's Lawn
As the summer begins, outside chores seem to pile up. For some individuals, it can be difficult to complete outdoor work as well as juggle a full time job. This year, go that extra mile for a neighbor, friend or complete stranger. When you go to mow your lawn, volunteer to help out a neighbor close by. Going this little extra can be a great help to an elderly man or single mother across the street.

Paying it Backward 
As life goes by, we get set in a routine. Often forgetting that there are other people trying to get by as well. Try and find new ways to shock those around you with your acts of kindness. Start doing something nice for the person behind you. For example, pay for the coffee for the person following you in line at the coffee shop. This is not something you see everyday. Who knows, maybe you will inspire someone there to start doing acts of kindness as well.
This year, look for someone to help everywhere you go. No good deed goes unnoticed. Even if you do not realize it, someone is watching you. Your acts of kindness may change the life of all of those that you help and all who see it. Make this year a year to change lives. You can help change the world, one life at a time.


Amber K said...

Wonderful resolutions. I especially like paying it backwards.