Monday, January 21, 2013

More Freedom, Take Avantage

If you look around, you’ll find that technology has had a huge impact on our lifestyle. It has not only made our lives easier, but also more fun and enjoyable.  From having a video chat with your loved ones on an iPad, to checking the weather on your smartphone - it’s all a reality.
The 21st century is technology driven, and there’s no doubt about that. It has evolved over the years and is helping us meet our simple and complex needs easily. In the following article we look into a few ways that technology is adding more ease to our day-to-day lives.

1. Loads of Entertainment at Your Fingertips
In the olden days, the only choice you had when buying a music album was to visit your nearest music store. And when it came to movies, you had to hit a store like Hollywood Breeze to rent the latest movie.

However, thanks to today’s technology, you have easy access to entertainment. You can download music on the go using iTunes and watch your favorite tv shows like The Office, Mad Men and Breaking Bad onNetflix. It's really fascinating that you get to do all of this without leaving your couch!

2. Online Shopping Like Never Before
You no longer have to worry about missing the sale that’s going on on the other side of  town. With the power of the Internet, you can browse websites such as and to do all of the shopping you need.

The best part about the online shopping experience is that it’s not limited. You can shop for shoes while you’re shopping for books.  And you can buy groceries and personalized jewelry at the same time. There’s nothing like indulging in shopping from the comfort of your home, right on your laptop.

3. Restaurant Food Delivery the Smart Way
Getting  food on the table without having to actually visit a restaurant is awesome. And most restaurants know that, which is why they are making it easier via technology. Web services such as GrubHub  help people  go through all the nice restaurants near your area that offer delivery.

There are other services that are similar to GrubHub, such as Foodler, Seamless, etc. The good thing about using these online services is that it helps you find the right restaurant in a short amount of time. You can categorize  restaurants according to rating, price, food type, etc, which makes it uber-simple to find a  good restaurant  nearby.

The day isn’t far when technology will positively dominate every single area of our lives.


The Shopping Duck said...

I try and explain to my kids how it use to be and they don't believe it! We have so much information at our fingertips today!

Tiffany C. said...

This is all so true. It's going to be fun to explain to our kids one day that we use to live without internet and cell phones. At least I can remember back before internet.

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

I love online shopping. Not only is it more convenient, but there is also far more selection!


Ellen said...

I would love to have restaurant food delivered to us some days but I don't think any of our restaurants do that here.