Tuesday, January 8, 2013

cureLauncher- An Honest Way to help People out!

One of the biggest gripes I have concerning the majority of research organizations out there is that my money isn't being entirely used on research. While I'm aware that those running the organization need to earn a living, my donation now defeats the sheer purpose of donating to begin with. Many organizations don't even tell their donors precisely what their money is going to. That being the case, I've become increasingly concerned with everything these organizations are doing. Now, a friend of mine recently told me about a website called cureLauncher.com, a fundraising site where real scientists (and real people) ask caring individuals to actually donate to cancer research. So far, it's been a pretty stellar experience. Because researchers have to publish a video pitch about their personal initiatives, you (the donor) gain a thorough understanding of what they want to achieve. Your donations don't get sucked into the vacuous unknown. You're donating to specific, potentially lifesaving initiatives. One thing I'm especially appreciative of is the tangible proof of experience outside of the video pitch. For example, Dr. Lee Roy Morgan openly lists his experience, education and recognition (awards, honors, etc.). I can trust that the money I'm donating is going to be put to good use for the very cause I'm supporting. Being able to observe or "keep tabs" on a project's progress is quite endearing to me as well. Not only do you have the opportunity to view updates on a project’s page, but you’re welcome to open up a discussion or ask questions about a particular project. The researchers are clearly not the only hands-on people at cureLauncher. Even if they’re not doing the actual research, the donors at cureLauncher.com have the ability to speak their mind and truly make a difference.