Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beauty Schools

Did you know that beauty schools are a great way to get the pampering you love, done for much much cheaper?
I have been to a beauty school twice now. The first time I was in IN and was visiting my blog friend from Mama's Baby Cupcakes and she decided we could go get pedicures together.
$10 later and I had a nice pedicure AND a free bottle of OPI nail polish.

The second time was just on the 11th, my wedding day. Jon had looked around at some places to get hair and makeup done. The one he was looking at was about $85 for both to be done (without a tip). Then I remembered we had a beauty school here nearby. I looked on their site and for $40 (including tip) I had my makeup done and a nice updo! So I paid just about 40% of what he would've had me pay for these services.

I was extremely happy with my services at BOTH campuses. They are both schools so the manager (teacher) needs to check their work and make sure it's done well, but they are very friendly, the ones I went to were very clean and the services were stellar. Really couldn't ask for anything better from going to a beauty school. And everything is way cheaper.

If you're looking for a beauty school to attend for things from updo, haircut, color to manicures, pedicures and waxing then check out this list of beauty schools in Utah. You might be surprised on what you find.


Nikki said...

I got my hair cut at a local beauty school once for half the cost of a regular cut. I really need to look into the other services they offer! I could use a pedicure!

Newlywed Survival said...

I've always wanted to do this...I hear that you can get a great cut for an amazing price!

Tiffany Cruz said...

I've never taken advantage of getting my hair done at a beauty school. I should though.