Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Great Gadget for Mom

Moms have lots going on, and they would appreciate anything that offers a little help. They do everything possible to keep their home in tip-top shape, and keep an eye on their kids. Most moms now use smartphones, and to make her life easier, consider gifting her a smartphone app.
Home security apps are an attractive option to present moms, as they have a lot of features she would adore. At first, they were used to activate sirens when someone entered the house, but with new developments, they also connect with police stations. This means the police will be automatically informed if anything goes wrong. There are many security apps available such as Vivint.
Using apps like Vivint gives complete control over home security. Here are some reasons why moms would adore a security app:

1. 24 hour access
Whether she’s at the grocery store, or at a tea party, she can keep an eye on the present condition of her house. She just needs an active connection, which is available in most locations now, to see how her home is doing while she’s away. Mobile carrier’s internet connection can also be used if there’s no Wi-Fi available nearby.

2. Wireless use
Moms would appreciate that there are no wires involved. Wireless use is a huge facility provided by smartphone apps, and until the battery of the device goes down, she would be holding a home security system in her hands all the time. Controlling the system and making changes would be a piece of cake and will only require fingertips.

3. External monitoring
Whether she’s in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, watching T.V or resting on the sofa, she would know what’s going on outside the house. Moms often check for suspicious activities around their homes, and a smartphone home security app would make it convenient for them.

4. Peace of mind
Perhaps, the biggest reason moms would love a smartphone security app is the peace of mind she would be able to attain. She won’t have to worry if she left the kids at home as she can see what’s going on through the app. The apps also have an option to turn on notifications, which automatically inform if there’s any activity.
The reasons make it clear why smartphone apps would be a great pick for moms, making their lives less hectic and giving them a piece of mind.


Maria Briggs said...

I've heard of Vivnet, but haven't given it a try yet. Thank you for your review and thoughts on it.