Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Lighting

It's always really hard to find the right lighting to fit your space. When we moved into this house there were these old lights EVERYWHERE. In the bathroom, the entryway, dining room. The only room with modern anything was the living room. It was a new fan with lights. It is great and new and we love it.

So we were on the hunt to find new Modern Lighting and we finally did find some. We got them all and replaced all of our lights with modern fixtures. It was no easy task, finding just what we wanted was difficult. I think we spent 30 minutes in just the bathroom fixture aisle and then finally we both agreed on what we wanted.

We still need to find a modern fan we like for our bedroom, but that can wait. The main area of the house is done and it looks 10 times better. Trust me. The old ones were all gold and gold is NOT modern, far from it actually. So now we have brushed nickel throughout the house and it looks amazing!

Another thing that people are replacing to make more modern are Modern Floor Lamps. There are a ton of them out there and there's definitely something to suit everyone's personal tastes.

We don't use any lamps in our house, but if we did I would certainly buy from the link above to give the house a more modern look! We just have 2 table lamps in our bedroom, but we're standard fixture people!

Lighting and lamps are hard to find, but use the links above and buy yourself some new modern lighting and you won't be disappointed!


Gina F. said...

Thanks Heather! I think I may browse Modern Lighting website since we are looking for some modern floor lamps for my living room. Thanks for the post.