Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Rafflecopter

For those of you who like it, I'm sorry. But I will no longer be using Rafflecopter once these few close down.

There have been some issues with cookies not saving entries and people not knowing if they've entered. So for now I'm done with rafflecopter. I may return in the future if they have worked out all the bugs.
But I've had a few followers mention to me that they don't like it and would rather leave comments, so that is what I'll do!

I tried something new, but don't fix something that wasn't broken and the comments weren't broken!!

Thanks for being my guinea pigs!


Katie said...

Thats too bad that they have problems, I like using it because it make is easier to enter giveaway when you got crawler, But your right they need to fix some bugs first.