Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some New Stuff

We got rid of Bella yesterday. It was time for her to go. She just was not a good fit for our family.
She had begun to refuse anything I said to her. She was dependent on Jon and wouldn't eat or drink unless he was home, which was causing her UTI's (4 this year alone) she wasn't flushing herself out. She seemed depressed when he wasn't home.

He would get home, we would watch a movie or he would do homework and then he would be in bed in about 3 hours, it wasn't enough time for her to eat or drink much. She was eating about 5 cups a day and drinking about 8-10. At this point she was lucky to get in 2cups of each every day. I fed and watered her every morning. She would have a couple sips of water and not even touch her food. She would also force herself to throw up 3-4 times a week.

I was just getting sick of it. Any time I told her something she would turn her head as if she didn't hear me. I could tell her something 4 times, Jon would snap her fingers and she'd do what I asked of her. She was just becoming stressful and making my anxiety worse and it was time to go!!

ON a happier note... We're going out of town this weekend. You all know we take a trip up to my Grandma's house every summer. Well we're going this weekend. We're leaving Friday early afternoon and coming home Tuesday morning. Since it's a Holiday and Jon normally has Monday's off, he gets Friday off this time AND he has 1 day of leave to take before the 1st, so he's taking Tuesday so we can beat all traffic and come home then.

Sunday is my birthday, if we go to the Casino I get $100 free spending money, but I DON'T want to go. We spend money we don't really have and it's not really fun anymore... but we'll see.
There's also Hartwick Pines about an hour north of my Grandma and we might do that as well. It's a State Park so we get in free with our park pass.

That's about it. A weekend away and no dog to deal with.
We'll probably have to tell my grandma we're expecting this weekend too. We'll see how that goes I guess!!

So no new posts for 5 days. Can you all handle that? Will you be okay? And winner's will be pulled Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

What are your plans for Memorial Day?


Raising Marshmallows said...

Happy Birthday! I'm your new follower from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop, nice to meet you.

Sarah Ashley said...

Hubby has to work memorial day =( So I will be enjoying blogging by myself! hehe

Mommy LaDy Club said...

I am catching up on my blog visits today, since I don't have to ship anything for business! Nice to find you through VoiceBoks:)