Monday, July 26, 2010

Next Weekend

Is going to be super busy!! Some of you may remember the story I wrote a few months back about my mother and her hoarding and I stopped talking to her. Well Jon offered her that we go up there and help her clean. I'm dreading it. I don't even want to talk to her. We also have to make sure his mom can watch Avery as I don't want her seeing my mother.

We've agreed to go up there about noon on Friday and same thing on Saturday.

 Then the FUN part. ON Sunday we're driving down to the African Safari in Ohio. It's a 5 hour drive round trip and I figure about 3-4 hours there so I'm hoping the dogs will last that long. As long as we give them little water and food before we go they should be good. We're planning on leaving at like 8. So we'll be home no later than 7 I'm hoping. But it should be fun and you get to feed the giraffes, they come right up to the car. I will take plenty of pictures and share with you when I get back!!

Also giveaway winners will probably be announced on Monday because Sunday will be very packed!!


Jammie said...

My sister and dad went a few years back to the Ohio Safari they said it was neat. We have one in TN We are going to go to soon just have not had the money... Have fun and sorry about your mother in law I have a BEEP for one too ugh.

one frugal lady said...

It sounds like you have your work cut out for you helping your mom! What a great way to reward yourself with a safari though! I am so jealous- have fun!

Heather M said...

It's not my mother in law. It's MY mother Jammie! That's alright though, my mother in law is one as well! Why are there no nice mother's around anymore?

Thanks Jennifer. It will be difficult, but we promised her and she promised us that the laundry room (first room you walk into) would be completely clean and that she would be starting in the kitchen already. So she wants 1 1/2 rooms done in 2 days.

If you've seen the show you know how hard it is to get one thing out of the house. We're bringing EVERYTHING out to her on the deck and she's going to sort through it, and then We're going to be bringing some back in. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we want HER to feel the difference and be happy with it.

I can't even remember that house clean (except in pictures) and it saddens me to see how much worse it's gotten in 3 years.

Oh and Someone has called the show on her and they were planning on coming out in August to take pictures. Not sure that will happen anymore... especially if a room or two is clean.

one frugal lady said...

We have a family member as well as a neighbor that is a hoarder as well. (just like on the show.) Personally, it gives me major anxiety- but if your mom is willing to let you come help her, then that is a great first step! It does suck- we just helped clear out a house as well- and it had been flooded twice on top of that- see, it could be worse!